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The ProVention Consortium is conducting a survey about its website and other esources to better understand user needs and expectations. Please share your houghts and ideas by completing a brief survey, available at http://www.proventionconsortium.org/survey!

ProVention offers many resources and opportunities to young professionals in disaster management -- it is worth taking 10 minutes to complete this survey, to provide some feedback to their programming!

The ENDRR-L recently circulated this notice of a workshop in Bangkok on education for DRR:

Please see this announcement about this important conference Oct 8-10th in Bangkok. Hopefully those of you from the region already know about this and are making plans to attend.

Please consider this, then, a special invitation to all in the Asia & Pacific Region to please bring (or send) at least a couple of copies of your best drr education materials for display and collection. The materials will become part of the developing Global Online DRR Education Library, and will also be available for participants to review and respond to. PLEASE include games, toys, models for
children to experiment with.

Materials for display can be sent directly to:
Steven Usher, Senior Programme Assistant
Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)
Second Floor
920 Sukhumvit Road, Prakanong
Bangok 10110

If you are planning to attend the conference and have important experiences to share, you may want to follow up with the organizing committee members responsible for each section:
For integrating DRR Education into curricula please contact your
UNESCO National Commission or ADPC For informal and community-based education please contact IFRC (Michael Annear) Michael.annear@ifrc.org
For Safe School Construction please contact UNCRD (Bishnu Pandey) bishnu@hyogo.uncrd.or.jp
For planning for youth participants please contact UNICEF (Gary Ovington) govington@unicef.org

This announcement was recently circulated to YPDR. Please note that the deadline for the first round of applications is September 17th, 2007!

The University Ca' Foscari of Venice has just started a new Ph.D. programme on:


This programme is jointly realised by the Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development (CESD) < http://venus.unive.it/cesd/> and the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC) <https://www.cmcc.it/>.

The Ph. D. programme in Science and Management of Climate Change aims to provide doctoral students with an extensive and in-depth expertise in the scientific and economic aspects of climate change, and with a proven record of original research on modelling climate change, its impacts, and related mitigation and adaptation policies.

Call for Applications
Applicants should read and carefully follow the detailed application instructions found at http://www.unive.it/nqcontent.cfm?a_id=35790. All applications must be received by 12.00 a.m. of September 17th, 2007. The selection process will close at the end of September. Courses will be in English and will start at the end of October.

For further information on the Ph.D. programme, please contact the University Research Doctorate Office.
E-mail: lauream@unive.it, Phone: +39.041.2347520.

Marla Petal, of RiskRed, is currently moderating a listserve on disaster risk reduction education (ENDRR-L). The list is informative and active, and the following message from Marla contains information on how you can get on their mailing list:

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

At some point during the past two years you have expressed an interest in being kept "in the loop" regarding disaster risk reduction education to children and to the general public. Some of you are representatives of National Platforms, education organizations, regional networks, international agencies, and others with a formal responsibility in this area. Others are individual practitioners, activists, advocates, teachers, students interested in this field.

The list is open to anyone who wishes to sign on. I am volunteering to moderate for the coming few months - which means that postings will pass by me and I will post all legitimate postings that fall within this purpose. Among other things this list will serve as a way for the UNISDR Global Platform's Knowledge and Education Platform to communicate with the widest possible group of individuals who want to be kept informed.

The Disaster Risk Reduction Education Network listserv has been set up to keep all of us informed of key research, meetings, publications, discussions, initiatives and
achievements in this important emerging field. Our goal is to increase the quality and effectiveness of disaster risk reduction education leading to fewer disaster losses of all kinds.

In order to
a) see the archives
b)post messages to this list
c) select message options
d) unsubscribe

You will need to go to
and select the ENDRR Group and sign in and create your password.

Once you have succeeded, please feel free to pass this message on to any others you
think would like to join in. In the near future we expect a simple link from ISDR's web- page so that we can be easily found.


Marla Petal

The following announcement was circulated to YPDR by email. Contact information for those responsible for this conference is at the bottom of this posting.

Flood Fighters 2007

Update : August 22nd, Confirmed Speakers

Michael D Brown - Head of FEMA during 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina confirmed as Chairman on the 19th
CFO Paul Hayden - CFO of Hereford and Worcester, Chair of CFOA’s Operations Committee Fire and Rescue Service Inland Water Strategy Group, who will examine the future of climate change and the CFOA research project which he spearheaded
Gary Locker - ACPO Police Liaison, Cabinet Office
Malcolm Weatherall - Met Office
Mark Whyman ACC - South Yorkshire Police
Mark Smitherman CFO - South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service
Chief Fire Officer Phil Toase - West Yorkshire FRS on the FRNCC,
Flight Lt Gerry Taylor ARCC, RAF Kinloss
Rosanna Briggs - Essex County Council
Hugh Fogarty - RNLI Operations

Announced in February 2007, this year's Flood Fighters conference, which is being organised with the support of the UK Chief Fire Officers' Association (CFOA), has been made all the more pertinent by Britain's devastating floods.

Alongside a multitude of other agencies, Britain’s Fire and Rescue Services (FRS) worked on thousands of incidents and dramatic water rescues in June and July.

Hundreds of thousands of householders and businesses have been badly affected by the floods; it is estimated that damage, clean-up costs and other losses will run to billions of pounds.

Flood Fighters 2007 will focus on building a targeted and effective risk-based response from blue light emergency, local authority and public utility services and will draw upon a wide range of sources and disciplines, both national and international.

This multi-disciplinary event is expected to attract upwards of 150 delegates from all the disciplines that have been called upon to deal with the flooding disasters in the UK. The high calibre conference programme and target audience can be found at www.flood-fighters.com

Flood Fighters is organised by Crisis Response Journal and Lane, Jefferies & Associates Ltd with the full support of CFOA.

More information from: www.flood-fighters.com
Contact : flood@crisis-response.com

Who should attend

:: All Category 1 & 2 responders
:: Military
:: Airport fire services
:: Waterway managers
:: Local authorities
:: Health boards
:: Private sector
:: Volunteer associations
:: Police, Fire, Ambulance and Medical services
:: Public utilities
:: Coastguard
:: Local Resilience Forum
:: Power Generators

+44 (0) 1306 876 856

The IFRC/RC creates and circulates their IDRL (International Disaster Response Laws, Rules and Principles) Newsletter through email and online. The publication covers IDRL developments, IDRL media lines, and forums. It's definitely worth seeking out if you're interested in following policy and legal processes in disaster response. For more information about this IFRC/RC programme, you can contact: